To grow crops on soils where it was not possible, to irrigate with quality water, to improve the efficacy of pesticide treatments, and increase the easiness of jobs. These products and others are needs that the modern agriculture introduces in order to develop profitable forms that offer to the consumer high quality goods.

The Agrohygiene Range developed by Daymsa has as target to supply to the farmer modern tools that improve the profitability of his crops.


Total nitrogen (N)……………………………. 4,00 % w/w ( 5 % w/v)

Urea nitrogen (N)……………………………. 4,00 % w/w ( 5 % w/v)

Phosphorous (P2O5)……………………. 25,00 % w/w ( 31% w/v)

Naturacid is a liquid that is totally miscible in water and that contains phosphorous and urea nitrogen. Its formula aids the penetration of the usual plant protection products, reducing the surface tension of spray products. The balanced formula of Naturacid´s nutrients allows a pH regulating solution (buffer) to be created in the spraying tank so that regardless of the quality of the water to be used we can be sure that the pesticides are going to reach the plant without any alteration to their biological effectiveness. It has been shown that the alkalinity and hardness of most of the water used in leaf treatments cause the hydrolysis of many of the plant protection products used, rendering their biocide action totally ineffective.


Naturacid should be added to the spraying tank prior to the other products that are going to be used, thus ensuring a suitable pH when they are added to the solution. The slightly acid pH of the spraying solution improves the plant´s capacity to absorb systemic products as it increases the permeability of the cuticle of the leaf surface.


Per 100 L of solution

Water pH    100 cc    200 cc    300 cc

7.0-7.5         5.50       4.00        3.50

7.5-8.0         5.90       4.80        3.90

8.0-8.5         6.25       5.20        4.45

8.5-9.0         6.75       5.95        5.00

9.0-9.5         7.25       6.35        5.45

9.5-10          8.00       7.00        6.00

The dosage to be used will vary depending on the pH and hardness of the water available. An amount of 100-300 cc/Hl is recommended. The higher the pH and hardness of the water, the larger the amount of Naturacid to be used. For a more precise calculation of the dosage, consult our Dealer or our technical Department who will evaluate the situation depending on soil and water analyses.